Add Some Sparkle to Your Holiday Table

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, now its on to Christmas!  I can't believe its already December! 

One thing I am loving this year is the use of birds everywhere.  They've always been used around the holidays but it seems like there are so many more this year to choose from and different ways to use them.  When I saw these glittered birds on, I thought they were perfect for a table centerpiece.  Shimmer adds a festive glow to anything.


Look for a branch in your backyard (or buy a faux one at a crafts store).

Tools and Materials
Small craft brush
Plastic birds
White glue
Glitter in various textures and hues
Thin lametta tinsel

Centerpiece How-To
1. Using brush, coat a bird's tail with glue; sprinkle spoonfuls of glitter on top. Let glue dry; shake off excess glitter. Repeat with wings, then body and head.

2. Secure tinsel to one end of the branch with glue, then wrap branch, tucking in a new piece of tinsel when necessary. Tuck end of last piece under to secure. Fasten birds to branch with the wires on their feet.